Landscape Renovation Project, 2022

CHOA Landscape Improvement Project Update, August 1, 2022

Phase 1 is complete! From the Denni entrance on Larwin Avenue’s north side to CH #2, irrigation, plants and trees, and mulch are IN! Many thanks to homeowners for their patience, and to Total Landscaping for the work. To learn more about the next phase of the project, homeowners are encouraged to attend Board meetings. Future updates will be posted here.


As previously informed, the Cypress Home Owners Association is undergoing a landscape renovation project on the north side of the community (from Clubhouse 2 to Denni). This project was necessary as the current irrigation (valves) were over 60 years old and malfunctioning (not turning off tightly) resulting in leaks/loss, water damage, etc. Below is an update on the detailed scope of work being conducted by Total Landscape, which is expected to take approximately two (2) months, weather permitting.

Currently planting in the courtyard by Clubhouse #2 and the courtyard west of it toward Denni should be finished by the end of June. While planting is underway in these areas, the other courtyards toward Denni will be prepped by removing existing plant material and grass; installing irrigation; planting new plant material; regrading and reseeding the grass. Grass in the courtyards will be replaced and up to 8' in areas fronting Larwin Ave. No grass will be planted in the little patches in front of individual units. 

Many trees have been removed due to damage to sewer lines and concrete. Some were planted too close to structures resulting in a threat to building foundations and other common areas. No trees have been removed for cosmetic reasons. Replacement trees are crepe myrtles, Australian willows, and podocarpus macrophillus that are  considered "sewer-friendly."

It is imperative that all irrigation infrastructure is installed before any planting starts so there is proper establishment for the new plant material. The automated irrigation system being installed is in accordance with the new irrigation plans, which consist of a more modern two- (2) wire system, drip irrigation for all planter areas and pop-up sprinklers for grass zones. The 2-wire system is a way to connect the system electrics that does not require extra electrical pedestals, which is why the project started by Clubhouse #2 to take advantage of the electrical system there. The system will be installed with flow monitoring capabilities to reduce wasted water in the event of a break or leak.

After the irrigation is in installed, four (4) more weeks are estimated for completion of plantings, mulch, and groundcover. The approved plants are: myoporum putah creek, dianella variegated, dianella little Rev, nandina, tecoma coral bells, callistemon Little John, marble queen coprosma, ivy geraniums, and lantana. These plants are low water usage but still blend nicely with modern plantings. The theme is not a cactus xeriscape look; however, the plant material is low-water usage, which will help with the current drought situation.

Residents must…. 1. Remove any personal belongings in the planter areas such as pots, yard items, etc. Not all plants are removed, as some existing plant material is being kept for use in other areas of the community. 2. Refrain from any direction to the crew working onsite. Any questions, concerns, etc., need to be emailed to Management at the email address below. Owners are also encouraged to attend Board meetings and address Board members regarding this matter. Future communication would be posted on the community website or via email blast so please be sure we have your contact information, as well as your tenants’ information (if your home is tenant occupied). We thank you for your understanding and cooperation during the project. Cypress Home Owners Association Board of Directors La Perla Property Management | Office: 949.668.0800 | Fax: 949.565.0625 | Email: